Welcome to Simply Cracking Good Stories

Simply Cracking Good Stories is a Newcastle University collaboration between creative writer Margaret Wilkinson and second language acquisition specialist Martha Young-Scholten to create short, engaging and accessible fiction books for adults in English and to make these available in a range of other languages. Simply Stories readership includes beginners learning a second language, immigrants with little or no schooling in their home language just learning to read in a new language and those who have suffered a stroke or have a form of dementia.  

Simply Stories is a grass roots initiative. We work with talented creative writers and artists at Newcastle and elsewhere, to produce narratives, and with linguists to make sure the texts are easy to read.

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Little gems!

These are masterpieces of their own style. What’s wonderful about the books is that with a minimal amount of material, they give the maximum amount of drama. I’m not this impressed very often.”
B. Groves / UK Educator


It’s a pleasure to read these. They are made with pure joy. Wonderful, witty and sweet.
E. Kampmann / German Drama Therapist