How do I access the books? Please visit our online bookshop to browse the available titles. Add the ones you’d like into your shopping basket and checkout. While the bookshop contains only free titles, the website will ask for a name and an email address, but no payment details. As soon as you’ve done that, a button will show up that will allow you to download the PDFs.

What format are the books? They are PDFs. You can open them with Adobe Reader (which is available to download for free). Most browsers these days will open PDFs too, so you can view them in a browser if you wish. If your eReader can view PDFs (most of them can), you can also use that, though the files are not an eBook-specific format, so the text won’t auto-fit to an eReader screen.

What reading level are the stories? For more information about the books’ reading levels, please get in touch with our project head, Prof. Martha Young-Scholten via email (